Solar Sounds & 

Relay for Life

March 2019

I designed the 11" x 17" marketing poster for the March 24th, 2019 Sofar Sounds Waterloo event. The event was held at the University of Waterloo, in partnership with Relay for Life. I reported directly to the Sofar Sounds Waterloo design lead, Shannon. There was no formal brand guideline provided by the client.



Sofar Sounds Waterloo

Relay for Life 



Graphic Designer 




For my preliminary design, I hand drew the strings of a guitar running vertically on the poster. I layered the strings over a solid guitar head. The graphic was encompassed with the textual elements. From this design, I identified a gap in my preliminary research. This design communicated the literal definition of the event, but failed to communicate the atmosphere of Sofar Sounds and Relay for Life. 

After conducting additional research to garner a complete understanding of the company and Relay for Life, I identified specific themes that I wanted to implement in my next design. Sofar Sounds describes itself as “Intimate gigs all around the world.” From that description, I identified key descriptive words; intimate, gig, and world. In culmination with Relay for Life, I wanted my design to communicate connectivity, intimacy, and global.  

Focusing on the themes identified in my research, I created a sonic wave graphic with intertwining lines to show the connectivity that these two events provide for their participants. There are 81 lines in the sonic wave, which represents the 81 countries that Sofar Sounds has events in. The colour of the graphic is a warm deep orange tone, which represents my experience attending these two events and the intimacy these events create. I created multiple variations of the design, and presented those options to the client.