Virtuous Waste

Co-Founder and Business Operations Lead

Team: Amirah Mahomed, Cindy Le, Kristen Fajardo, Sylvia Bogdanowicz

Company Overview 

Virtuous Waste is a sustainable-packaging start-up made up of five women in the Global Business and Digital Arts program. Our team recently won $25,000 of seed money from the World Vision 2019 Social Innovation Challenge. We are replacing single-use plastic packaging with biodegradable and water soluble seaweed bioplastic. 




World Vision Canada presented the 2019 Social Innovation Challenge asking entrepreneurs across Canada to solve the problem of finding value in waste within a rural, low income community in the Philippines, Iloilo. Within Iloilo, the community is experiencing a garbage crisis. Mismanaged garbage landfills and community habits have led to community members throwing garbage away in the streets and in the river system. The excess garbage within the community has affected their daily lives due to increases in illness, a pungent odour, and lower productivity due to the excess amount of garbage within the community. 


Virtuous Waste is creating a proactive solution to the proposed challenge, by stopping single-use plastic production at the source. Company's create products in single-use plastics for low income consumers. The original Challenge was to find value in waste, our team believes there is no value in plastic waste, and thus we developed our solution around trying to eliminate plastic packaging. 







Project Objective
Identified Problem