Varley Art Gallery

Markham Public Library




Graphic Designer 


Brian Lau

Rhiannon Milne





August 2017 - June 2018

"Her creativity, professional and collaborative approach, understanding of best practices in design and communication and passion and enthusiasm has been nothing short of exceptional."

- Cheryl Rego 


I designed the marketing collateral for PechaKucha Markham, a community event featuring presentations from enthusiastic and passionate individuals. I was responsible for designing an 8.5" x 11" poster and a tabloid poster, a newspaper advertisement, a flyer, the Powerpoint slide deck, and the poster communicating the event partners. I completed designs for four separate PechaKucha Markham events.


The new design instalment was to be presented to the clients for review. The 8.5" x 11" poster would be presented during the initial meeting as the proposed branding and visual concept for the next PechaKucha Markham event series.


Using research methods to understand the origins of the event, I was able to comprehend the design aesthetic from previous years. The event originates from Japan with a connection to origami, which is why the previous designer emulated the idea of origami in his designs, with geometric shapes. As well, I understood this was an annual event and thus the design concept and branding of my designs needed to be adaptable for the future. 

Using the knowledge from preliminary research, I also conducted research about the event coordinators and PechaKucha company to ensure my designs satisfied their desires.

My design used geometric shapes and folds to represent origami. Originally, the body text was formatted on an angle, however it was slightly difficult to read and thus was redesigned to be straight. The text is formatted hierarchically, to present the information logically to customers and satisfy the needs of the clients. The “M” was designed on its side because it fit the poster more effectively, with available space for text. When presenting to the client, she communicated that she liked the “M” being on an angle because it created an energy within the design. The colours for each event changed to match the season. Above is the Winter poster.