Taste of Compassion

Client: Henry Ho

Tools: Illustrator

Role: Graphic Designer

Team: Brian Lau and Rhiannon Milne

Learning Outcome

I developed the 11" x 22" promotional posters for Henry Ho's artistic performance. The client wanted to incorporate his artworks, which used Tea as the painting medium, into the marketing materials. Originally, Henry required only one promotional poster to market his event. However, he chose both designs created by my team as a collection of marketing posters because he was very satisfied with our deliverables. .


I learned how to professionally and respectfully work with another artist's artwork in my design process. I ensured its essence was maintained, while also adapting the artwork for promotional purposes. This event focused on the Japanese culture and was integral to the design of the poster. I also learned how to create a design for a cultural event by asking questions and conducting thorough preliminary research. 






I began by choosing the pieces of work that stood out to me and I believed would fit well on the poster. The first design crops a piece of artwork into four even sections, while the second poster uses a cropping of a piece of artwork as the background with cropped sections of the artwork as four inward moving rectangles.



I focused on the Japanese culture by studying the type of art the client would be performing at the event. The specific medium utilizes Tai Chi movements to paint the artwork. While observing a demonstration, I noted the pace and types of movements. The first design is very clean and minimalistic, referencing the intention and perfection of Tai Chi movements. For the second design, the cropped artwork within the rectangles creates motion 

throughout the poster, mimicking the movements used in Tai Chi.


Artwork provided by Henry Ho

Design Process
Project Objective

I took a risk by modifying Henry's artwork, however I was able to create a more visually interesting promotional poster. I respected the client's artwork and culture while also using my knowledge to adapt it for promotional purposes. As a result, both poster designs were chosen to promote Henry's event.