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UW Socialize

February 2018 

In a Design Sprint, I was given the challenge to develop an experience for students to discover orientation events at university. I crafted a visual system to accommodate different types of events: sports, music, visual arts, social groups, and volunteering events. I was tasked with delivering high-fidelity mockups for searching and viewing the details for these different events.

Design Process: Sprint 


I began the research stage by conducting interviews to discover how university students learn about events. Students indicated they do not actively search for events, instead they 

receive notifications on social media platforms. For instance, Facebook notifies users when friends are attending an event. This negates students from having to search. They also communicated their attendance is largely dependent on who else is attending.  

Based on research, I developed a list of features to include in the "My Schedule", "Search", and "Event Info" page. I began wireframing a low-fidelity design on paper to understand the app architecture. I used social media platforms as inspiration, due to the familiarity of those platforms with the target user of my app.


After developing the wireframes on paper, I converted the designs to a digital wireframe to visually see the product functionality.























After developing a low-fi prototype, I used Figma to design the interactive high-fidelity mockup. 

After completing the interactive high-fidelity mockup on Figma, I conducted user testing with university students. They communicated that the decorative font was difficult to read. In future iterations, I would use a serif font for headings. As well, they communicated that the colours used in the "My Schedule" page were confusing. Users initially believed the colours represented something. To test further, I would use colours to represent the types of event. 


This challenge was an introduction to app design. From this experience, I learned how to design on Figma and work within a design sprint. In the future, I would implement more UX research methods in the Empathize and Define stages of Design Thinking.

Event Info 
New Wireframe 1.png
New Wireframe 1 copy.png
Search Function
New Wireframe 1 copy 2.png
New Wireframe 1 copy 4.png
My Schedule
New Wireframe 1 copy 3.png
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Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 8.47.20 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 8.47.13 PM.png
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